CHEMICAL TOILETS ADELAIDE – If you have recently been to the movies or a posh restaurant like the Red Lobster you would definitely have noticed the waterless urinals installed in their bathrooms. They are pretty much everywhere when you start noticing them. What might come as a surprise to you is that the proper technical name for these non-flushing urinal units are chemical toilets.

While initially developed to help provide necessary facilities to areas where septic tanks were not readily present or where the water supply was severely limited these chemical lavatories are now being pushed as a part of a major water saving drive across the nation.

One of the most popular models of chemical loos that exist on the market today utilizes a specialized mechanism that separates the chemical component of human waste from the chemical mix and recirculates the filtered water back to the toilet unit.

In other aspects, this chemical toilet is the same as the other toilets in that it has an installation right below its base that holds the chemical mix that helps in absorbing and breaking down the waste in addition to masking the odor that is typical to restrooms around the world.

While some customers worry about maintenance issues with these toilets you can rest assured that they require only as much maintenance, if not less than your traditional array of toilets. They need to be cleaned and the chemical filters need to be replaced at a fairly regular frequency, which can range from four weeks to even four months depending on the usage and the traffic that your toilet is subject to.